Welcome to the well

As this is one of those sleep deprivation days, I’ll keep this short. Hi. Thanks for checking out my blog. I already attempted to post this once, but instead I deleted it somehow.  I don’t exactly remember what I said the first time, only that it was elegantly worded and full of wit.  Now I am just half asleep, trying to recall all my lovely words.

I have been a storyteller for a long time, well before I ever wrote my first backwards letter with a crayon.  I am still learning about being a writer.  That doesn’t make me any less a writer, just means I am constantly improving.  I learn something new about the craft nearly everyday and the best lessons I learn leave me astonished, in no small part because I am often my own teacher. It is odd to learn something from yourself, when you didn’t know you knew it until you needed it.


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